Dematerialization, Collection and Centralization of your invoices

ComptaSmart is an automated solution for gathering, inputting and centralizing your invoices in one click. Our software allows you to spare time and meet all your needs for efficiency, speed and cost reduction. Simplify managing your time-consuming tasks and follow-up with your suppliers and collaborators

dématrialisation facture électronique

Why choose us?

Automate your invoice tracking

Adopt an ergonomic, simple and easy-to-use solution that meets your needs and saves you time. Customise your quotes and invoices to suit your workflow: logo, format, colours, font, etc.

Follow your activity in real time

Track your KPIs instantly on our user-friendly dashboards  ComptaSmart enregistre toutes vos factures afin de vous assurer un suivi en temps réel.

Saving Time

Reduce your supplier and customer accounting processing times with our simple solution that can be adapted to your needs. This quasi-automated step limits possible errors or typing mistakes and saves you precious time.

Dematerialize your invoices

ComptaSmart is a modular software package for automation, chargeback management, accounts payable, etc., which allows you to reduce the time and costs of your accounting process and increase productivity.

traitement comptable automatqiue
Suivi d'activité en temps réels

Monitor your accounting in real time

ComptaSmart allows you to control and monitor your expenses in real time.  You can automate your accounting processes. A quick and easy to use solution that allows you to extract your accounting elements, automate your entire accounting process thanks to our powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. 

Compta Smart and its software suite help you collect, centralise and automate all your invoices and documents

Suppliers Collector

ComptaSmart is interconnected to more than 1500 suppliers. Save your logins, and Comptasmart will retrieve your invoices daily

A dedicated email address

Vous disposez d'une adresse mail à fournir à l'ensemble de vos fournisseurs, ou vous pouvez tout simplement transférer vos factures dès leur réception vers cette adresse mail dédiée

Drag & Drop

Set up your scanner to upload your invoices into ComptaSmart

Mobile App

Sur l'application mobile, il suffit de prendre en photo vos factures via notre application mobile, en sortant du restaurant ou du péage à titre d'exemple

API available

ComptaSmart dispose d'API pour déposer des factures sur ses serveurs

Scan to FTPmail

Collectez vos factures via notre module scan ou dematbox en les déposant simplement dans votre bac à scan sans tri et sans classement pour les envoyer sur nos serveurs

Chorus Pro​

Since ComptaSmart is interconnected with Chorus Pro, it is possible for you to automatically send your invoices to Chorus Pro and to retrieve the various acknowledgements of receipts.


Grâce à la solution CSmartInvoice, ComptaSmart disposera d'une interaction directe avec le portail public des impôts.

Take your first steps with ComptaSmart

Implementing a digital transformation methodology has never been easier… With tools that allow a customized organization of every step and a support team ready to help Take your first steps with comptaSmart, the complete software solution.

ComptaSmart does not have an exhaustive list of collectors, this list changes daily so all you have to do is log on to ComptaSmart and search the list of collectors (our motto is to develop the supplier collectors that generate the most volume of invoices).  We are therefore specialists in collecting invoices by activity - for example, pharmacy - over 80% of pharmacy invoices are collected on a daily basis, tobacconists - 95% of invoices are collected on a daily basis, caterers, construction companies, computer wholesalers, food suppliers (80-95% of invoices are collected automatically on a daily basis). Translated with (free version)

Simply go to Apple Store or Play Store and search for ComptaSmart and you will be able to download the mobile application, you will need your login and password 

You can communicate your dedicated e-mail address to your suppliers, or else set up an automatic rule to redirect your e-mails containing your invoices or this e-mail address to your dedicated e-mail address.

ComptaSmart is a software suite that provides you with a software that allows you to manage your expense reports. You can create employees, associates and each will have its own expense report module and only the administrator will be able to view all the expense reports.

In this way you will be able to transfer the amount of the expenses incurred by your employees, managers or partners.


ComptaSmart is a software suite that allows you to record your mileage allowances and generate the expense reports associated with your trips. 

You have the possibility to create employees, associates and each one will have its own module of expenses and mileage allowances and only the administrator will be able to see all the users.

In this way you will be able to transfer the amount of the expenses incurred by your employees, managers or partners.

Electronic invoicing is a new regulation that comes into force on 07/2024 and ends on 01/2026 for all French companies.

Each company will have to designate a partner dematerialisation platform (PDP) or choose the public invoicing portal (PPF). Indeed, if no designation is made, your suppliers will not be able to send you their invoices because it will be necessary to provide so-called electronic invoices (specific format). These are e-invoicing and e-reporting invoices, which will eventually allow the VAT return to be pre-filled. Thanks to this new process you would benefit from a gain in invoice processing that would be divided by 5.

By choosing ComptaSmart you will already be ready for electronic invoicing, the CSmartInvoice solution will be PDP.

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